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Archive for December, 2015

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  • Are psychedelic drugs Silicon Valley’s productivity secret?

    By: Admin On: 12-29-2015 Category: psychedelic Comment: 0

    The stigma of drug addiction is profound, and is at times termed as “mental failing.” Drug abusers are generally perceived as unscrupulous beings with no willpower to control the urge for psychedelic substances. People are more likely to show little or no sympathy toward those suffering from drug addiction than those with mental illness. Knowing […]

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  • Are cigarettes a gateway drug?

    By: Admin On: 12-21-2015 Category: drug addiction treatment, drug rehab, health Comment: 0

    The gateway theory views drug-related behavior as a linear progression. Proponents believe that those who start using milder substances like tobacco, alcohol or cannabis will graduate to harder and more life-threatening drugs over time. Although critics have noted weak causal relationships between specific substances, striking statistics concerning these gateway drugs have occurred time and again. […]

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