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San Francisco police arrest two persons on murder and drug charges

Published On: 04-05-2017 in Category: addiction, Drug bust, drug smuggling

In early March this year, two Stockton residents were arrested on charges of shooting one person and wounding three others in San Francisco’s infamous Tenderloin neighborhood. According to the police officers, Darrick Devereaux, 41, was sent to county prison on charges of attempted manslaughter and Linda Jimenez, 22, was arrested on suspicion of being an accomplice and other drug-related charges. The shooting incident took place in September 2016, the officers said.

Later, city prosecutors charged Devereaux with murder and assault with a firearm. Initially, he had not pleaded guilty during his first court appearance. Investigating authorities said that the duo were involved in a shooting incident that killed Shunsie Ellis, a 44-year-old San Francisco resident, in September last year. Additionally, a 49-year-old woman and two other men suffered injuries in the shooting.

Although details of the circumstances that led to this incident are still hazy, authorities said they seized three semiautomatic guns, one assault weapon and almost a quarter pound of drugs from near the scene of the crime.

Tenderloin, a crime-ridden neighborhood

For those who are not familiar with this part of the Bay Area, Tenderloin is a little triangular neighborhood at a stone’s throw distance from San Francisco’s City Hall and about a five-minute walk from Twitter’s headquarters on Market Street.

Tenderloin is infamously known as hotspot for drug trade that’s not controlled by gangs. Drug dealers operating within the vicinity of this area are comparatively free to engage in drug distribution and sales without pay any bribes to gangsters or thugs. In fact, the entire Tenderloin area has turned into an unofficial department store to shop for different kinds of drugs.

Every corner or lane specializes in a unique drug, which is the main attraction for people with addiction and other potential clients. For example, Turk Street and Taylor Street are where people can get the best crack in town, and Leavenworth Street is the hub of prescription drugs. Regulars hopping from one street to the other, shopping for coke, weed, meth, heroin and ecstasy is a common sight in these parts of San Francisco.

Over the years, Tenderloin has earned the ill-fame of being home to homeless individuals with substance abuse. In fact, it is bustling with new immigrants from different cultures, with distinct desires and murky histories. This section of the Bay Area continues to be constantly patrolled by police due to the ongoing drug-induced violence. The fact that the nation’s transient and poorest people call this neighborhood their home, makes it a very hard and unforgiving place.

Studies show that several homeless people with addiction in the Tenderloin district are highly vulnerable to grave emotional and psychological issues stemming from past traumatic experiences and prolonged drug abuse. Lack of professional counseling and rehab services in the area has left very few options for them to deal with their problems in an effective manner.

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