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  • Oakland Federal Court charges 16 people of narcotic trafficking

    Published On: 10-27-2016 in Category: addiction, Drug Abuse

    Southern California is home to millions of migrant populations from different parts of the United States as well as the world. Its proximity to the Mexican borders makes it a hotspot for drug cartels and other narcotic trafficking rings to operate with ease. In August this year,  federal prosecutors arrested 16 people for the suspicion […]

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  • San Francisco underworld gang leader ‘Shrimp Boy’ gets life in jail

    Published On: 09-27-2016 in Category: Drug Abuse

    The United States has been making consistent efforts to take a more comprehensive approach toward tackling the drug trafficking problem. California being no exception to it, as it reels from serious drug problem. The state, which has witnessed numerous drug rivalries, is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that those involved in the crime are […]

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  • San Francisco police arrest repeat DUI offender driving with suspended license

    Published On: 08-24-2016 in Category: Driving Under Influence

    The South San Francisco police arrested a man recently for driving with a suspended license. The accused, identified as William Cormier III, 25, of South San Francisco, was an alleged repeat drunk driving offender. He was later released and was served a notice to appear in the court, the police said. His vehicle was impounded […]

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  • Drug bust: 3 arrested in San Francisco for illegally producing and selling fentanyl

    Published On: 06-30-2016 in Category: addiction

    Three people were arrested recently for illegally manufacturing and selling deadly drug fentanyl in Sunset District, San Francisco. The police arrested Kia Zolfaghari, 39, and his wife Candelaria Dagandan Vasquez, 38, for illegally operating a fentanyl-manufacturing unit out of their Sunset District apartment on 44th Avenue, San Francisco. The third accused – King Edward Harris […]

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  • San Francisco to offer treatment, not incarceration, to drug users

    Published On: 05-19-2016 in Category: Drug Abuse, treatment

    The San Francisco Department of Public Health, in association with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police department, will launch a pilot program that would allow officers to provide treatment to addicts, instead of arresting them. The program, supported by the district attorney, the public defender and non-profit organization Drug Policy Alliance, is slated to […]

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  • San Francisco mayor criticized for opposing supervised injection facilities

    Published On: 04-05-2016 in Category: Drug Abuse

    Drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in the United States. To address the problem of addiction, preventive measures are being taken in various states and cities and campaigns run to create awareness. Authorities in San Francisco have also taken steps such as needle exchange program and distribution of naloxone to reverse overdoses as part […]

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  • Beer is the most significant gateway drug, says U.S. Congressman supporting marijuana legalization

    Published On: 02-23-2016 in Category: addiction, Alcohol, Substance abuse

    Many consider marijuana or cannabis as a “gateway drug,” which may later lead to other addictions. However, there are also many who don’t buy the theory and advocate legalization of medical marijuana. And, a former Surgeon General of the United States is among those opposing marijuana as a “gateway drug.” America’s former top doctor under […]

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  • Tackling drug abuse through The Big Game; 1 million people to gather in San Francisco

    Published On: 02-05-2016 in Category: addiction, Drug Abuse

    The drug abuse problem has become such a menace that authorities and groups have been doing whatever possible to control the surge of pills. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World – a nonprofit public benefit corporation – is launching “The Big Game,” an all-out prevention campaign, to draw attention on the scourge of addiction. The […]

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  • Are psychedelic drugs Silicon Valley’s productivity secret?

    Published On: 12-29-2015 in Category: psychedelic

    The stigma of drug addiction is profound, and is at times termed as “mental failing.” Drug abusers are generally perceived as unscrupulous beings with no willpower to control the urge for psychedelic substances. People are more likely to show little or no sympathy toward those suffering from drug addiction than those with mental illness. Knowing […]

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  • Are cigarettes a gateway drug?

    Published On: 12-21-2015 in Category: drug addiction treatment, drug rehab, health

    The gateway theory views drug-related behavior as a linear progression. Proponents believe that those who start using milder substances like tobacco, alcohol or cannabis will graduate to harder and more life-threatening drugs over time. Although critics have noted weak causal relationships between specific substances, striking statistics concerning these gateway drugs have occurred time and again. […]

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