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San Francisco police arrest repeat DUI offender driving with suspended license

Published On: 08-24-2016 in Category: Driving Under Influence


The South San Francisco police arrested a man recently for driving with a suspended license. The accused, identified as William Cormier III, 25, of South San Francisco, was an alleged repeat drunk driving offender. He was later released and was served a notice to appear in the court, the police said.

His vehicle was impounded and will remain with the police for one month or might face a permanent forfeiture. In a span of three years, Cormier’s multiple driver’s license has been suspended and he has been convicted twice by the police for driving under influence (DUI). He was again caught driving in August 2016 with a suspended license, the police said.

The arrest was the result of a prompt action by a police officer patrolling near Westborough and Junipero Serra boulevards. He came across Cormier and stopped him midway to identify him. On being convicted, Cormier may have to face charges for not adhering to the terms of a previous DUI conviction.

The police department maintains a DUI Hot List which includes the names of repeat DUI offenders with suspended driving licenses. The police notify these offenders about their inclusion to the list and warn them not to drive again. On being caught, such offenders are subjected to arrest or punishment as per the law.

Dramatic rise in DUI cases

Lately, there has been a significant rise in mishaps involving alcohol-impaired drivers. As per a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 28 people die every day in road accidents involving drunk driving, with alcohol-impaired driving crashes causing nearly 31 percent deaths on American roads in 2014.

The U.S. Supreme Court has introduced new guidelines for testing drunk drivers, thereby approving warrantless breath tests and prohibiting warrantless blood tests. As per the search-incident-to-arrest exception, implemented under the Fourth Amendment, a police officer has the right to probe a person physically, including his surroundings, after an arrest without a warrant. Breath blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests do not cross the level where an offender’s dignity is at stake, but the same may not hold true for blood BAC tests, according to the justices in the majority.

But whatever be the course of action taken by law enforcement agencies, the DUI menace needs to be curbed so that people can be saved from succumbing to motor vehicle crashes. Drunk driving is not only detrimental for the person involved but it also has a drastic impact on the nation’s economy. With losses due to drunk driving reaching more than $40 billion per year, it is time to look for a viable solution. Hence, a lot needs to be done to protect Americans from irresponsible drunk drivers.

Way forward

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