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Used needles and human feces litter downtown San Francisco

Published On: 02-26-2018 in Category: Drug Abuse

Used needles and human feces litter downtown San Francisco

San Francisco may have a reputation of one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, but a survey suggests that the city is in a deplorable state with sanitation levels comparable to some of the worst slums in the third-world countries like Kenya and Brazil. A recent NBC Bay Area investigation, which surveyed nearly 153 blocks of the city found a deadly mix of hypodermics, human feces, and garbage littered throughout downtown San Francisco.

“We see poop, we see pee, we see needles, and we see trash,” said Adelita Orellana, a local preschool teacher, who is compelled to educate her students as young as two years about the inherent dangers and why they should never be touched so that they don’t step on needles, human waste and other contaminated items. The NBC investigation team spent three days examining the condition on the streets in each of the 153 blocks and found about 100 needles, over 300 piles of feces, and trash on every lane.

Elaborating on the sad state of affairs, Mohammed Nuru, director of San Francisco’s Public Works Department, said that removing human excreta, heaps of garbage, and needles from the city’s sidewalks costs his unit an annual sum of $30 million. According to experts, the increasing number of homeless people on the city’s streets and their drug addiction problems is the major cause of the sharp decline in sanitation standards in the Bay area.

Looking at the city’s lack of cleanliness, several experts believe that in addition to more temporary shelter beds, creating more “safe injection spaces” would not only keep them off the streets, but also help to solve their addiction problems, as they would be able to inject drugs in a separate supervised facility. Moreover, such a facility could help them with treatment options to break free from addiction besides providing an appropriate mechanism to safely dispose used needles.

Tenderloin — Downtown San Francisco’s drug hub 

At a stone’s throw away from the City Hall and about a five-minute walk from Twitter’s headquarters on Market Street lies the Tenderloin neighborhood. Over the years, it has earned the ill-repute of being a hotspot for drug dealers and a gathering point for homeless substance users in the Bay Area.

Bustling with innumerable people from different ethnic backgrounds, this part of San Francisco continues to remain under the constant vigilance of police due to high rates of drug-induced violence. The fact that the nation’s homeless and impoverished call this place their home transforms the entire area into an unofficial drug market where people can purchase any kind of drug or controlled substance.

Studies suggest many drug users living in the locality’s sidewalks and alleyways are highly susceptible to mental health problems arising from prior traumatic experiences and extended use of drugs. The paucity of professional counseling and medical services in the area has left very few options for the street dwellers to deal with their woes in an efficient way.

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