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San Francisco bar’s license suspended over drug sales

Published On: 04-12-2018 in Category: drug smuggling

San Francisco bar’s license suspended over drug sales

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) recently suspended the license of La Oficina, a bar in San Francisco’s Excelsior District for an indefinite period. The suspension comes after a six-month-long investigation into the sale of illegal drugs carried out on the bar’s premises at 4234 Mission Street, according to ABC officials. Investigating officers alleged that the management of La Oficina was aware of the ongoing drug-related activities but turned a blind eye toward the sale and purchase of drugs.

Besides, the investigators reported that the bar staff engaged in refilling empty liquor bottles with alcohol procured from other retail outlets. The officers also discovered that the bar was being managed by staff who had not been authorized by the state department. La Oficina had come in the news in May 2017, when a 30-year-old man was shot dead in the bar. The 44-year-old shooter was arrested on charges of homicide, possession of firearms, drugs, and controlled substances for sale. Currently, the ABC department has allotted 180 days for the transfer of the bar license. However, in the absence of any such transfer, the license will be permanently cancelled.

Owing to its proximity to the Mexican border, many Mexican drug trafficking organizations, particularly those affiliated to the infamous Sinaloa cartel, control the transportation of drugs into and throughout the state of California. These drug cartels team up with members of small criminal gangs operating in multiple neighborhoods in different cities of the state to acquire new distribution territories and outlets to run their business.

Battling the addiction menace                           

Drug addiction doesn’t distinguish between age, sex, ethnicity, social standing, or economic status. The destructive effects of abuse are visible not only in the picturesque countryside, but also in the endless sprawl of suburbia. The body of a chronic drug user rapidly develops tolerance to the heavy dopamine rushes, producing long-lasting modifications in the brain’s pleasure centers. Addiction to drugs or for that matter any stimulant can have a devastating impact on users, damaging almost all vital organs and systems in the body. It could also interfere with their decision-making abilities and result in compulsive drug-seeking behaviors.

Substance use disorders are no longer limited to rural regions and crime-ridden neighborhoods. Rather, the face of drug addiction in California today is the suburban young and white Americans living in up-scale areas of big metropolises. Fortunately, drug addiction is a treatable disease. However, seeking professional help is essential to break free from the stronghold of this destructive lifestyle and regain sobriety. One should not forget the fact that drug abuse or addiction can have life-threatening implications, if left untreated.

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